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Symbol of Lake Toya
The Nakajima, one of the four islands that make an archipelago in Lake Toya, is nature untouched by human hands, looked just like ancient figure. Pleasure boats stop at Oshima, the largest island (9.6 kilometers in circumference), and they can be reached in a little less than 30 minutes from Lake Toya Hot Spring Wharf.

Forest Giants:Ezo Spruce
In the center of Oshima, there was a 350-year-old large Ezo spruce tree that was selected as one of "The 100 Forest Giants of Japan" by the Forestry Agency. Unfortunately, in September 2004 it was knocked down by a typhoon, though even now the image of its majesty can be seen, and it's cloned seedlings was planted nearby.

Enjoying Nakajima
>>Enjoy a peaceful walk through the woods. >>Be "healed" by Ezo deers.

>>Study at the museum.

Walking paths are maintained on the island so you can enjoy a peaceful stroll among the rich greenery. There are several hundreds of Ezo deers in Nakajima, who are so adorable that they will relieve you of unpleasant feelings. Photos of wild animals and specimens of trees inhabiting area of Lake Toya are on display at the Forest Museum.

Nakajima(Lake Toya)

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